Drop Deck Chassis For Frac Sand Transport

Innova Industries provides many different types of intermodal equipment and transportation equipment, both new and used. We also provide modification services to convert standard chassis for specialty purposes. One case in point is our current frac sand chassis. We begin with the 43 ft. drop deck tank chassis whose heavy duty, high tensile strength frame is designed to support a heavy load and uniquely situated with a low center of gravity to counteract the movements of bulk liquid loads. 900787 spread axle tank chassis (2) lr


Then we custom fabricate additional 2 bolsters to the frame and twist locks at the end to lock in custom 8 ft. containers. This then becomes an 8 pin chassis suitable for carrying containers full of frac sand.


sand box frac container lr

We can provide both spread axle drop deck chassis and closed tandem axle drop deck chassis for this purpose. If you’re interested in a custom chassis project or just looking for quality used equipment, contact our office at (832) 433-7114 or email sandra@innovaindustries.net.


Hablamos español tambien. Te podemos ayudar con tu chasis para transportar arena para uso de fracking. Si tu compañia esta interesado en un chasis usado o remolques usados llamanos al [+01] (832) 433-7114 o envianos un email a sandra@innovaindustries.net. Tambien puedes visitar nuestro sitio web, http://www.InnovaIndustries.net.

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