Used 40 ft. Chassis for Sale

40ft. Container Chassis (2) lr

Used Chassis For Sale

We currently have (3) 40 ft. Container Chassis for sale in Houston, TX. This stack of used 40 ft. chassis have had all the lights, brakes, electrical worked through to pass a current FMCSA inspection, FMCSA inspection sticker included. If you need to add some good used container chassis to your fleet, please contact us today for pricing at 832-433-7114 or go to our website at

40ft. Container Chassis (7) lr

40 ft. Chassis for Sale

These manufacture year 2004 and manufacture year 2005 chassis come with 50% 10:00 x 20 tires, 50% brakes, (2) units have ABS brake system (anti-lock brake system), incandescent lights, steel spoke wheels or Dayton type wheels. (1) unit expands from 40′-45′ extendable chassis. Landing gear, ICC bumper, solid I-beam frame on these 40 ft. chassis in Houston available to put into service immediately. You may also email, please reference our All Intermodal Blog when contacting us. We look forward to hearing from you!

2004 Container Chassis for Sale

2004 Container Chassis for Sale

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