A Quick Blurb About The Beginning of 2015

January 2015 Report
As we’ve been behind on blogging for January, I did want to highlight a few factors we were seeing at the beginning of the year. Many positive market reports were being released, indicating a sustainable gradual climb out of the sluggish market conditions of the past few years. Manufacturers continue to work through the June 2015 back log of orders from 2014 related to trailer and chassis production. As everyone knows crude prices fell to shocking figures. This caused oil and fracking related activities to pull back, in some cases drastically. Additionally it led to some announced lay-offs in major energy companies which has a ripple effect in supporting industries. Many economists predict stronger pricing in mid-year 2015, some forecast out to 2016. The lower gas prices have a positive effect for transportation companies bottom line as well as increasing consumer disposable income. At Innova Industries we continue to see a healthy demand for equipment domestically and internationally. The availability continues to be low, and prices adequately reflect this truth. We do our best to mitigate the effects for our customers and continue to offer quality equipment and exceptional service to our customers both small and large. Best of luck and prosperity in 2015!

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