Refurbished Drop Deck Chassis Trailer

At Innova we’re finishing up another used tank chassis project, the versatile drop deck chassis. The beauty of the container chassis is the simplicity of its design. Not only does it allow the tank chassis to be lighter weight than traditional trailers, but it facilitates the restoration process. Two I-Beams compose the main frame rails, which are supported by welded cross-members.

refurbished drop deck chassis 432047 (1)

The ISO Container then rests upon the bolsters which carry the payload that is evenly distributed over the length of the chassis. In this case, we begin with a solid frame. Any items that have worn past an acceptable standard are replaced. This can typically include components of the suspension, brake system, light system, wheels, twist locks and other wear components.

refurbished tank chassis (3)

This chassis was given new brake shoes and other new components per our customer’s request. Finally the chassis is stripped of the non-metal components and sand blasted to bare metal with a fine sand blast. The chassis is then passed into the paint booth to be primed and painted to a shiny black frame and white wheels combination. New conspicuity tape and fenders were added to complete the look.refurbished tank chassis (4)

Afterwards, this chassis has been restored to a new build standard, as if it were coming off of the factory floor. If you are interested in purchasing refurbished equipment, please contact our office at 832-433-7114.refurbished tank chassis (6)


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