Used Container Chassis For Sale (20 ft. Chassis)

20 ft. Sliding Tandem Chassis

20 ft. Sliding Tandem Chassis

We have used 20 ft. container chassis for sale in Houston. These sliding tandem chassis units are 2001 Hyundai chassis. The used container chassis are ideal for hauling 20 ft. container from the ports to distribution centers. The used chassis weigh 6,800 lbs. with a GVWR of 59,710 lbs. allows carrying substantial payload over the road. These container trailers will come with updated federal inspection stickers, so you can put them into service in your transportation fleet immediately. Innova Industries has many other used container chassis, drop deck tank chassis, ISO tank container for sale in Houston, Chicago, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, and more. Please check our inventory online for more listings at or call us for a quote today at 832-433-7114.

Stacked Container Chassis

Stacked Container Chassis

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