20′-40′ Tri-Axle Combo Chassis

20-40EZ Tri-Axle Chassis

20-40 EZ Tri-Axle Chassis

12 Pin Combo chassis are in high demand right now and it’s no surprise. These versatile chassis can carry either (1) loaded Heavy 20 ft. container, (2) empty 20 ft. containers, (1) loaded Heavy 40 ft. regular or high cube container. The tri-axles mean that you can load up the rear axle to 42,000 lbs. and scale more weight legally while staying within the non-permit 80,000 lbs. GWVR. Our chassis are 2004 year Pratt models complete with budd steel wheels, radial tires, and ABS brakes, spring suspension.

12 Pin Combo Tandem Chassis

12 Pin Combo Tandem Chassis

You can also ask about our 2010 12 pin tandem combo unit. This triple axle unit has aluminum budd wheels, radial tires, ABS brakes, retractable twist locks, and hydraulic-electric jack system, air ride suspension, 71,000lbs GVWR. It will accommodate a 10 ft. container, (1-2) 20 ft. container, or 40 ft. container. This unit has very little mileage and wear and tear, like new paint and tires.

For further information about our used combo chassis, please contact our Houston office at 832-433-7114 or email sandra@innovaindustries.net. More inventory can be found on our website at www.InnovaIndustries.com.

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