Innova’s Service Options

Innova is more than great new and used intermodal equipment!  We offer many different types of services to customize your equipment and take the headache out of buying.  You can read below to see some of the many ways that we can help you.  If you don’t see it on the list, just ask!  We strive to be flexible and accommodating to all of our customers to give you the best possible personalized care within your time frame and budget.  Even if you didn’t buy it from us, we can help!  832-433-7114

Logo - Personalized Service

Custom Modifications

We have a wide network of skilled craftsmen and suppliers to repair, modify, retrofit, or customize your tank or trailer to your specifications.

Cosmetic Work and Custom Paint Jobs

Your new or used tank or trailer can be touched up, partially retouched, or even completely restored to showroom quality!

Custom New-Build Trailers

We can work with you to help build a custom trailer from the ground up for virtually any application and any industry in conjunction with our    manufacturing provider, Clark Trailers, Inc.

Consultation Services

Even if you didn’t buy your ISO tank or trailer from us, we can still help by offering our industry expertise to help you repair or modify your equipment.

Freight Services

Let us handle delivery!  We can take the headache out of buying by arranging delivery to your facility (some exclusions apply).


We can help you get your trailers titled quickly and in some cases we can do all the work for you!  Ask us about our TTL options and pricing.  832-433-7114

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