Container Chassis with ABS Brake System and More In Inventory

40 ft. Container Chassis with ABS

40 ft. Container Chassis with ABS

A good afternoon to all our wonderful customers! We had some modest gains in the general economic forecast for this week, but I’ll take it! Additionally I’ve been reading in some of the intermodal magazines that say the growing trend for growth is in the 500 – 750 mile short distance haul. An article by Fleet Owner also stated that large intermodal providers have added a large number of containers, so there shouldn’t be a shortage of intermodal capacity. Additionally the driver shortage has given rise to more premium rates for the intermodal haulers available to meet the demand. Coupling this with the fact that daily chassis rentals are either no longer available or inconsistent, it only makes sense to invest in your container chassis fleets if your budget allows. The problem now is finding good used chassis in a market with ever decreasing supply. We here at Innova Industries are in tune with our customer’s needs and have begun to invest more capital into good used standard chassis (i.e. 40 ft. goose neck chassis and 20 ft. slider chassis). We currently have some good quality millenium chassis come off use with current FMCSA stickers ready to be put back into service. Contact us at 832-433-7114 for further details or visit our website inventory listings.

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041959-042091 (1) lr

Additionally if you are still looking to haul some of the heavier 20 ft. containers coming into our ports each day, we have some beautifully reconditioned chassis available for sale. These chassis have had all new components in most of the wear and tear areas. All new dual brake chambers, new twist locks, new wheel seals with grease, new air lines and electrical, new paint and conspicuity tape. See our pictures below and give us a call today!

Tri-Axle Reconditioned Chassis

Tri-Axle Reconditioned Chassis


Tri-Axle Container Chassis for Sale

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