ABS Brake Systems for Container Chassis

I like to provide my customers with as much information about their equipment as possible. Sometimes this includes reminding them of past legislation that mandated changes for transportation equipment. Two such mandates govern the ABS or anti-lock brake system requirements for chassis. “According to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 121 (49 CFR 571.121), all chassis manufactured in the Untied States on or after March 1, 1998, must be fitted with an anti lock brake system (ABS – see picture below). This system is fitted with wheel sensors that measure the rotation speed of the chassis wheels and and electronic control unit, which received the speed information from the sensors. When wheel lock is imminent, as determined by the electronic control unit, the unit adjusts air pressure to allow the wheels to continue to rotate at a controlled rate and avoid wheel lock-up.” 1

Additionally another mandate states that any chassis manufactured after February 28, 2001 must be fitted wan an electrical circuit that signals a malfunction in the ABS to an indicator lamp in the tractor. For those chassis manufactured between 1998 and 2001 you can retrofit a yellow indicator light on the rear roadside of the chassis itself. This should be visible from the driver’s left rear view mirror.

It has been very difficult to find “newer” used equipment that would have this type of added safety feature. Many chassis that were sold and are currently being sold have been 20 years old or older! Innova Industries is happy to announce that we currently have some 2000 year model 20 ft. slider chassis and 40 ft. container chassis available for sale. These will include the 1S/2M ABS brakes systems and are in general much better condition than many chassis you will find operating on our roads. Please give us a call if you are interested 832-433-7114, or email us at sales@innovaindustries.net.


1      “Guide for Container Chassis Inspection and Maintenance”  Institute of International Container Lessors, Ltd. 2006


To learn more visit our website www.InnovaIndustries.net or leave me a comment!

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