Tri-Axle 20 ft. HD Container Chassis

We have some very difficult to find chassis coming up for sale in the next week or so. They still need to go through our repair shop where they will be repaired to DOT standards and sand blasted and painted, but in the end they will be great pieces of equipment to put into your fleet.





Call us today for more information 832-433-7114 or email 

3 thoughts on “Tri-Axle 20 ft. HD Container Chassis

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    • Wilmer, that depends on the type of truck you are using to haul this cargo (day cab or sleeper, wheelbase, etc.) since you are still bound to the 80,000 lbs. bridge law, and the specific chassis as they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most are rated with a GVWR of 65,000 – 68,000 lbs. Roughly speaking you could haul about 53,000 lbs. or cargo give or take depending on the factors listed above. The best way to figure out specifics is to the the bridge law calculator once you have the dimensions and weights of your truck, container and chassis.

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