General Trends in Intermodal Equipment market

I should first off apologize for not blogging nearly at all this past year. I vow to make a more concerted effort to blog this year….starting this March…ouch. Well one of the reasons I haven’t blogged much is that our office has been BUSY. I find that most of my customers have also experienced a surge in new business opportunities, which is what leads them to me to seek new equipment to keep up with their new delivery lanes. More business is always good news, especially after a very slow and unsure economic recovery. That being said, unfortunately the flip side is that good quality equipment is hard to come by. High utilization rates means that less equipment is being sold in the used chassis market. Secondly, most manufacturer’s are also doing well and working full week loads in order to keep up with demand and still have 3-6 month lead times currently. You might ask, what is a customer to do? Thankfully, this year, we have still been able to meet most of our existing and new customer demands for the equipment they seek. We currently have in inventory several difficult to find pieces of equipment, such as drop deck tank chassis:


And tri-axle slider chassis:


20 ft. slider REFURBED chassis:


and more. So give us a ring 832-433-7114, or drop us a line We’d love to hear from you!

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