Specialized Equipment in High Demand

Well as the post title indicates, we’ve seen a nice swell of demand for equipment in the tank container industry as well as the containerized industry. Unfortunately the negative side is, of course, supply is in very short supply, so to speak. Many of the regulations and some decisions by the steam ship lines have made acquiring quality used equipment very difficult for the average customer. There is still some good equipment to be had, but finding it has become more of a challenge. Here comes the shameless plug: Innova Industries still has stock levels of specialized equipment available and ready for sale. For those of you looking to grown your company with conservatively priced equipment, please continue reading. Currently we have some very nice 2006 year 20/40/45 slider combo chassis available for sale. (see picture)

20'-40'-45' slider combo chassis


Also available are some very nice “never used” drop deck hydraulic lift tank chassis. These chassis are equipped with a diesel motorized hydraulic lift device, PSI tire inflation system, hubdometers (155 miles and 174 miles as indicated by hubdometers).

Used ISO tank chassis


Hydraulic lift Tank Chassis



We have more equipment available, please contact us with your inquiries at sales@innovaindustries.net or call us at 832-433-7114. As always, you may view our website for more information www.InnovaIndustries.com.

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