Tank Container Safety

When dealing with ISO Tank Containers it is extremely important to follow all safety regulations. Tank containers typically have several components located on the top of the tanks including safety relief valves and manlid covers. Accessing them can be dangerous work and can lead to falls and even fatalities. Tank containers have an 8 ft. tall ladder along the sides that allow access to the top of the container. Due to the cylindrical shape of the tank, they are outfitted with aluminum catwalks so that operators can access the different valves. Collapsible handrails of the type fitted on  top of  road  tankers are not  suitable  for ISO tank containers and are  likely  to suffer  damage due to the many modes of transport encompassed in a typical tank container journey, and their stowage on container ships. Therefore the first step in reducing fall numbers is to minimize the need to access the top of the tank by encouraging the use of bottom loading and discharge facilities. Of course the need cannot be eliminated completely as in the case of inspection when needing to view the inside shell. As pictured in the above picture, it is absolutely necessary to gear up properly. The men in this picture have already strapped on their harnesses and hooked into a safety cable. This safety harness allows for an inspector to enter a tank, knowing if they lose consciousness they can be retrieved by another operator. As tanks are typically used to haul hazardous chemicals, it can be dangerous to enter into them, if they were not properly cleaned.

This operator is taking an oxygen level reading on the tank to ensure it is safe to enter. Afterwards a ladder is brought over to safely descent into the tanks interior and continue on with the survey.  Another surveyor prepares to climb up the side ladder ready with his harness. In conclusion, tank containers are an invaluable method of shipping bulk liquids. It is always necessary to follow all the protocol around tanks in order to have a safe workforce and long lived equipment! Thanks for reading, drop us your comments or visit our website at www.InnovaIndustries.net.

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